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Don't let questions stop you from making decisions! Here you will find the best garage door answers

What is the best garage door?

There is no best garage door, for owners have unique needs. Thus, the best one will depend on what your needs are. Typically, location, personal preferences and budget are considered to choose the best material, features, style and energy efficiency of your garage door.

Is carriage door a type of garage door?

Yes it is. It replicates doors of 19th century carriage houses. It moves up and over your vehicle, even though it looks like it swings open. Our specialists in Loma Linda recommend this if you want a classic look for your home.

Where would it be best for me to have windows on my doors?

Our professionals at Garage Door Repair Loma Linda recommend that you can place your windows at the top. By placing your windows at the top, your garage doors would have natural lighting streaking in for nice aesthetic appeal. Just make sure that you get windows with tempered glass as that is sturdier.

What are the two types of springs?

First, there are the torsion springs, which are hung just over the doors of your garage. These are used on double garage doors. Extension springs are another type. The extension springs are above the door tracks and have safety cables.

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