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Genie and Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Genie and Liftmaster Garage Door Openers
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Making the Best of Genie and Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Repair Loma Linda remains the authority for these two brands. We will do the initial installation as well as any additional tasks that are necessary in order to ensure that the functionality of the products is never compromised. At the same time there is a wide range of advice that is available to property owners that need it from time to time.

Genie and Liftmaster Garage Door OpenersLiftmaster Openers

The technical prowess of Liftmaster openers is without doubt their strongest selling point. These are items which are designed to withstand virtually any challenge whether it is within the garage or outside the doors. They include lights and other security features that will not only add to the convenience that the client enjoys but enhance the usability of the product. Some of the accessories like the lock safety button are some of the premium options available to consumers today.

* Products:  Principally there is the product itself and then that is followed by the other accessories that improve performance and convenience. A case in point is the advanced lock control which is great if you have kids or pets that are unpredictable at the best of times. Some of these openers have the latest remote controls which reduce the physical energy requirement. Most fulfill the post-1993 safety requirements, a great relief for many property owners.

* Practicality: Most of these openers are quite functional when you think about it. However, they require maintenance particularly on the electronics side. It is also generally a good idea to keep them as far away as possible from inclement weather.  They keyless entry is a great feature but requires a PIN which must be carefully protected. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to write down this security password because intruders could possibly get to it.

Genie Openers

These are excellent openers from one of the very best brands out there.  The suite includes firm favorites such as the Power Max 1200 which can handle virtually any load that you throw at it. It is true that the systems require quite a bit of extra maintenance and that is why property owners insist on ongoing support. The other merit to look out for is the easy compatibility which means that Genie products can be used as replacements without any difficulty at all.

* Products: Try the Excelerator II 1500 1 HP for size. It is indicative of the kind of durability that we have come to expect from Genie. Occasionally there may be a loud pop as you open and close the door but this is nothing that routine maintenance cannot resolve. Watch out for the double red lights because they may indicate a failing motor or some other part that is faulty.

* Practicality: Genie openers are really for use rather than stylistic statements. The circuit board tends to fail from time to time but can easily be restored through correct wiring. The installation requires a substantive time frame to set the travel distances correctly but at the end you get good functionality.

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