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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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We know how compromising it is to have a damaged garage door. This is why we strive to serve all our customers in the area. We are here to keep you safe and secured by providing professional repair. When we say professional, that means fast and quality service. We get the job done right and on time, regardless of where the problem comes from. Trust us to fix your garage door and opener, no matter which brand you are using. Our team is committed to assist you for any garage door related issue, the best way we can. With us, repair is prompt and efficient.

Every type of garage door has some type of spring attached to the top corners.

Garage Door SpringsDepending on the model of the garage door, the door might feature torsion coil trampoline springs in other areas. The purpose of the springs is to provide the support and cushioning needed for the garage door. Without those springs, the garage door will simply bounce around inside the frame and come crashing down quickly when you pull on the door. The springs make the door move smoother and give you more control over the speed with which the door moves.

Garage door springs come in multiple styles. Most trained technicians can repair any type of spring, but you might need to know what type you have before you schedule an appointment. Some of the more common spring types include:

  •     Extension garage door springs
  •     Garage door torsion springs
  •     Galvanized garage door torsion springs
  •     Oil tempered garage door springs

The springs slip through a small hole in the garage door and attach to the frame of the garage door opening. The springs typically feature a coiled design and bend or stretch as you move the door. The more the coil stretches, the easier and smoother the door moves. Whether you need a garage door torsion springs replacement or a quick extension springs repair, you should use a professional technician. When you do the job yourself, you might leave too much slack in the overhead door springs, which makes the door move too fast. If you replace a garage door broken spring with a spring that is too tight, you risk the spring adding too much pressure to the door, which keeps the door stuck in an upright or down position. Our technicians can quickly determine the type of spring you need and the size of that spring by just looking at your existing garage doors.

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