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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Undisputed professional technicians who readily fix residential and commercial garage doors

Who wants 24 hour repairs?

Since we all want 24/7 emergency garage door repairs every now and then, I just want to share with you all that my experience with this company was amazing. Not only did the technician come straight over when my garage door springs broke on a Sunday evening but he did replace them at once. I mean the man came prepared! The person on the phone asked me a couple of things about my garage door spring system and the technician brought the perfect match in order to complete the task immediately. By the way, it was about ten at night.

Excellent garage door repair technicians

I guess the technicians are the face of the company. They do the hard work and reflect the image of your garage door company. I can honestly say that they're all fantastic! They're great in terms of their work and attitude. They have been servicing my garage door for quite a while now and they're always on time and well-equipped. I mean they have proved that I can rely on them if the parts need repairs. I didn't have to replace any parts yet but I'm sure that service will be equally excellent. It's also a sign of their good work.

Timely and Expert Garage Door Assistance

I was very concerned with the garage door falling very quickly when we’re lowering it. It could potentially harm someone or damage our vehicles. Garage Door Repair Company in Loma Linda had always been our go to company when it comes to garage doors. It’s been a while since we had any issues with our garage door. As always, the technicians arrived on time and had everything they needed to perform an awesome job. They said that the cable was broken, which caused the problem. The broken cable was replaced and the door is now working correctly. Huge thanks for the expert assistance.

Expert overhead garage door techs

I am fully aware that most people have an overhead door installed at home but I can assure you that not all contractors are to be trusted for services. I had my disappointments but after experiencing work with Garage Door Repair Loma Linda I am a satisfied customer. The technicians of this company are knowledgeable of overhead garage doors and provide first class services. I like many things about this garage door company but if I were to choose, I would say that the dedication and punctuality of the technicians are the two main points which impressed me the most.

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