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Springs Need Tension in their Lives

Springs Need Tension in their Lives
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Garage door springs are tensed by nature. Otherwise, they wouldn't be good springs! They ought to stretch and compress with great energy. They ought to be a threat to us. That's how they can be of service. The smallest spring wouldn't be useful in any application if it hadn't stored tension. When it comes to torsion and extension springs for garage doors, their tension is even higher. Their size is automatically multiplied and so is their stored energy. That's why they're so useful in this industry.Springs Need Tension in their Lives

Our overhead door weighs too much. Only springs could make its lifting possible. They're stretched to release their energy and make sure garage doors are lifted. They store their energy when they're contracted so that they can be ready for the next lifting. That's their job and if we want to ensure that we won't find our door closed, we ought to take care of them. 

Springs, their tension and our duties

That's exactly what will happen if your extension garage door springs break. Simply put, the door won't be lifted. Their energy will be gone. The bad news is that springs lose some of their tension every time they're set in motion. Their job is too tiring and that's why they only last for about six or seven years. When they lose tension, the door loses its balance. In this case, springs must be adjusted. Tension is added so that they'll still have the power to move the door up and down.

The funny thing is that they cannot be too tensed either. Too much tension added to springs will suddenly elevate the garage door from the floor or won't let it close down well. Keeping balances is always important when we're dealing with springs as much as keeping our distance. Don't forget that springs cannot live without tension, and we don't want to taste the measure of their strength. When you hear that people ended up in the hospital after attempting garage door spring repairs on their own, it simply means that they tried to release the spring tension incorrectly.

So, rule number one: never interfere with springs and always remember that if you have to check garage door parts, keep the door open. In this position, spring tension is in its minimum

Rule number two: replace springs before they get too old. After all, they cannot live without tension.

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